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About Anna

I’m glad you’re here. I want you to explore, to let my art affect you with beauty, color, and vibrancy, just for this moment.

Through abstract painting I create vibrant and emotional pieces, feeding energy and beauty into people’s everyday lives.


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vibe //


two words that may best define me, my art, and my upcoming show.

• paint covered overalls / designer sneakers
• lavish art supplies / repurposed tin cans
• secondhand doors / professionally framed art

the point is, there are two sides to every coin. you can't have the good part of something without its bad, and THAT is my vibe. what’s yours?


Date: Nov 8th

Time: 5-8p

Place: Art with Anna, 420 N Cassady Ave Bexley Ohio



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 Art with anna

From after-school art in a basement, to expanded classes, to a bright space worthy of creating + community, we have learned first-hand to trust the process that is life. During these years, I have taught classes, delegated roles and nurtured my dream into a legitimate + successful business. The gift of this process has allowed me to invest time into my craft and passion: abstract painting.

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